Writing about art is like dancing about architecture movie

My Adolescence is Obsolete individually molded, kilned porcelain hand-signed, titled on verso 8. It was embarrassing to watch these people fall into the trap of their own critical conceits.

The Panik Collective presents the series Dancing About Architecture as a bridge between figurative and abstract work. Writing about art is like dancing about architecture movie and alcohol crop up regularly in the biographies of music and writing greats.

Columbus Is Like Waltzing to Light

I arrived to one meeting excited about securing Shins tickets, which I mistakenly told another writer. Journalist and film music historian Jon Burlingame once asserted another, much older possibility: Real Time With Bill Maher 25 August I had a lot of problems with my name … my first name Declan is really not very well known outside of Ireland, MacManus is a name they could never spell I took guitar lessons and consulted many gigging musicians and the people who love them.

Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture

One day, Elvis Costello came to visit. Songwriter Jimmy Webb begins his excellent book Tunesmith itself quite a dance about the architecture of music! The abstracted works in Dancing About Architecture strip away the surface to expose the less visible elements that together create iconoclasm.

Philadelphia lore recalls that John Coltrane spent a lot of miserable, addicted time in the city, but he conceived "A Love Supreme. She pulled out a sharp knife with which she broke the seal at a display case containing the two arguably most famous Hermitage paintings - two small early paintings of Madonna with Child by Leonardo da Vinci.

All the other arts can be talked about in the terms of ordinary life and experience, A poem, a statue, a painting or a play is a representation of somebody or something, and can be measurably described the purely aesthetic values aside by describing what it represents.

And Costello himself credits Martin Mull. My friend Tom improvised on acoustic guitar, while my friend Don improvised poetry about architecture, and I interpreted it in "dance".

Talking about Art is like Dancing about Architecture

Some music has words, and those words connect with mood and emotion and further manipulate the initial impression given by the art meant to represent it. A writer has her backing band, too: The progression of the instruments and layered harmonies over the lyric "When you get off your trip" is so perfect it can make your jaw ache.

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

Prism Wall Immolation was the first Panik Collective painting to entirely abstract the source, and so launched Dancing with Architecture while continuing the mash-up aesthetic of the High Fidelity series recently shown at the Houston Museum of Drawing.

However, Julian was unable to tell me a specific issue to look for, and I have not seen it myself. One of them, Perry Rubenstein, gave me this response to my question about why he chose to come to LA: The image of a bloody hammer and the militaristic slogan of the title was more than indicative of the music within the record sleeve, it was a predictor of the global political climate of the s.

There was a feeling in the room akin to the sharpening of knives. Other than people who consciously retro in styling themselves after his ideas. The daughter of avant-garde jazz teacher Dennis Sandole in Philadelphia, for example, told me that though her father and his friends were brilliant masters of the form, the upholstery of the roof of his battered, old car was always busted, falling on his head as he drove.

Quotes[ edit ] It was embarrassing to watch these people fall into the trap of their own critical conceits. I rushed to the museum and met her at the galleries devoted to Italian Renaissance art.

Obviously, when I started out, I had a little bit more curiosity than some, and went seeking out the original artists, or in some cases searching up country music.

Elvis Costello

Or, to invite you all to go with me to museums to see great works of art - and not just pass them by, but to slow down and actually spend some time taking in the beauty of the ancient Greek vase, and "listening" to the voice of Rembrandt in his self portrait, or almost inhaling the dizzy energy of a Jackson Pollock painting.

The explosion on the cover is now metaphor for a band that endured incredible tragedy in the years that followed. Is it even worth trying? It yielded 4 singles, and several of the deep tracks have since found their way to alternative rock radio programming.

Color values and composition have been highlighted, and provide an expanded interpretation of the most beloved pop culture emblems of our lives. This is one of the many similarities between music and writing I found when I wrote my recent novel, 2 a. However, writing about music remains, well, hard.

Effectively observing the world often requires the writer to stand at a distance, normally in some small, brick apartment, the only company the lonesome whistle of her teakettle. I was once told quite definitely by author Rafi Zabor that David Breskin, undoubtedly a talented man of many hats poet, musician, journalist and novelist who was involved with Musician magazine at the time of the interview with Elvis Costello quoted above, was the source of—or at least an early and vigorous vector for—this quote.May 2, I can hardly wait for Professor Erik Maki to raise his baton signaling the musicians to begin Pomp and Circumstance.

As a band member (grades ), the traditional graduation anthem brings a lifetime of memories each time I hear it.

If writing about music is like dancing to architecture, then writing about Kogonada’s movie Columbus is like waltzing to light. There’s a form to the whole exercise that announces itself from the very first squared-up, level-angled shot into the face of a church.

Martin Mull

"When asked, she admits that writing about music, as humorist Martin Mull once quipped, is like dancing about architecture." —From "Eugenia Zukerman: Renaissance Woman," by Rick Ansorge, staff writer for the Omaha World-Herald, October 8, I "sampled" priceless details like this in my novel.

However, writing about music remains, well, hard. The bespectacled legend Elvis Costello said, "Writing about music is like dancing about. Frank Zappa — ‘Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.’.

The Other End (of the Telescope), written by Elvis Costello and Aimee Mann; Lie down baby now don't say a word Writing about music is like dancing about architecture — it's a really stupid thing to want to do.

This has commonly been paraphrased "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." More info at "Alan P. Scott: Talking.

Writing about art is like dancing about architecture movie
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