The other side of multicultural society essay

This transmutation into a multicultural society has both positive and negative impacts on our lives. This kind of thing non merely creates barriers. It is believed that multicultural environments bring many advantages for many people, since the variety of races, cultures and traditions will make the country become unique and attractive.

He rejects the concept "Western civilization" itself. On one hand, the Puritans contributed a lot to the establishing of a great Industrial society but, on the other hand, they did not recognize and excluded any other cultures by destroying them.

It is a nation that is composed of people who came here from around the world. Hire writer In recent old ages the society we live in.

Puritanism is a culture that originated in the North Eastern part of America and, according to the concept of "Western Civilization," they are known to be our "founding fathers. Nevertheless, estimating the contributions of the Puritans to the establishing of a great industrial society, the author also shows us a different side of these people.

In his article, "America: Peoples from assorted civilizations contribute in multiple different ways to development because they bring with them different sets of accomplishments.

Multicultural Society

Therefore, each individual should savour every rewarding moment of living in their multicultural community and proudly spread their unique traditions to international friends so as to increase the diversity. He is against racism and discrimination of minorities and salutes the recognition of achievements of those groups, which were subordinated "during the high noon of Anglo dominance.

He also traces back the creation and evolution of the American culture, and estimates the present contradictory character of it.

In his article, "The Cult of Ethnicity," he criticizes "multiculturalism" and wants to see American society as "one people". They do not exist in real life. In our modern society it is good to acquire influences from outside the boundary lines and other civilizations.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that multicultural environment has its own advantages and disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree? He confirms that America is mixed up of a lot of different ethnicities, and all of them feel free and comfortable living together, by referring to a number of episodes from everyday life.Another bad thing with multicultural society is when minority groups will non incorporate and larn about the majorities’ civilization.

It is a good thing to non to lose a portion of yourself and your civilization. but when people take abode in another state without larning about its civilization. it is non good at all. Ageism in a Multicultural Society Essay.

our economy and society and it is common for senior citizens to face discrimination in health, housing, and various other essential services (Chang, Simon, Dong, ). Employment can be difficult when seniors are unable to retire and have no options for another job.

On the other side, the Government of Canada, on the same date, replied: The federal government is deeply concerned with protecting human rights, evolving new Canadian Identity, strengthening citizenship involvement, increasing Canadian harmony and participating in cultural diversity across the nation.

Multicultural Society Essay A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY A multicultural society is an union of people with different cultural background living together without restricting each others individual lifestyle.

But on the other side there are also negative aspects like the upcoming racism. This Essay Multicultural Society and other 64,+ term papers, that America is multicultural; the other claims that America is monoculture. Ishamel Reed, a popular and well-known African American literary figure, the author also shows us a different side of4/4(1).

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The Other Side of Multicultural Society ; The .

The other side of multicultural society essay
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