The great rift valley

All of the African Great Lakes were formed as the result of the rift, and most lie within its rift valley.

Great Rift Valley

Quite a lot actually; even though the Eastern and Western branches were developed by the same processes they have very different characters. His comparisons of geological strata led him to conclude that faulting, not erosion, had formed the valley to which he gave the name "Great Rift Valley," the name still used for the entire The great rift valley Rift.

The Western Rift Valley Lakes are freshwater and home to an extraordinary number of endemic species. References Gregory, John Walter. Lake Victoria elevation 1, meters 3, feetwith an area of 68, square kilometers 26, square milesis the largest lake in Africa, but is not actually within the Rift Valley; it occupies a depression between the Eastern and Western Rifts, formed by the uplift of the rifts to either side.

The Great Rift Valley is such a significant physical feature on the earth that it is clearly visible from space The southern end of the Red Sea marks a fork in the rift. The northernmost part of the Rift forms the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. They have waters that are rich in blue-green algae, which feed insect larvae, small crustaceans and lesser flamingos.

The larvae and The great rift valley are food for fish and greater flamingos. Most of the Ethiopian Rift Valley lakes do not have an outlet, and most are alkaline.

These bulges can be easily seen as elevated highlands The great rift valley any topographic map of the area Figure 1. Notice how the width taken up by the trapezoidal areas undergoing normal faulting and horst and graben formation increases from top to bottom in the left panel.

This is a triple junction where three plates are pulling away from one another: Smaller segments are sometimes given The great rift valley own names, and the names given to the main rift segments change depending on the source. Pre-colonial history When the Bantu peoples left West Africa about five thousand years ago, one branch moved east and reached the Great Lakes region two thousand years later.

In Kenyathe valley is deepest to the north of Nairobi. As a result, millions of birds flock to these soda lakes to feast on the abundant food supply of algae and fish. The exact mechanism of rift formation is an on-going debate among geologists and geophysicists.

Wood and one of our guides for scale. The Eastern Branch is characterized by greater volcanic activity while the Western Branch is characterized by much deeper basins that contain large lakes and lots of sediment including Lakes Tanganyika, the 2nd deepest lake in the worldand Malawi.

Diagram of Great Rift Valley, shows will form a sea in the future. It contains the Rift Valley lakes, which include some of the deepest lakes in the world up to 1, metres deep at Lake Tanganyika. Lake Albert 5, square kilometers; elevation meters 2, square miles; elevation 2, feet is the northernmost lake in the Western Rift Lake Edward 2, square kilometers; elevation meters square miles; elevation 2, feet drains north into Lake Albert Lake Kivu 2, square kilometers; elevation 1, meters square miles; elevation 4, feet empties into Lake Tanganyika via the Ruzizi River Lake Tanganyika 32, square kilometers; elevation meters 12, square miles; elevation 2, feet is the largest and deepest of the Rift Valley lakes more than 1, meters 4, feetand is thought to be the second-oldest lake on the planet after Lake Baikal ; part of the Congo River basin, it feeds into it via the Lukuga River The Southern Rift Valley lakes are like the Western Rift Valley lakes in that, with one exception, they are freshwater lakes.

Igneous dike in Njorowa Gorge: These are the largest, in order of size from largest to smallest: These two plates are moving away form each other and also away from the Arabian plate to the north. Rifts are considered extensional features continental plates are pulling apart and so often display this type of structure.

They are also referred to as the Central African lakes. Other Points of Interest: The point where these three plates meet in the Afar region of Ethiopia forms what is called a triple-junction.

Such eruptions can cover massive areas of land and develop enormous thicknesses the Deccan Traps of India and the Siberian Traps are examples.

University of Michigan Library. Alex Guth is currently a PhD candidate at Michigan Tech and is looking at the effects of climate on desert varnish on the exposed flows and alluvium in the East African Rift Valley.

If spreading continues, the lithosphere may rupture several million years from now, splitting eastern Africa off to form a new landmass. The Kenyan section is home to eight lakes, of which two are freshwater and the rest alkaline. The original extent of the flood basalts would have been greater, but large areas have been buried within the rift valley by other volcanic eruptions and sediments.

Lake Kamnarok is another small lake. Image shows areas of stretched and oceanic crust as well as areas of exposed flood basalts that preceded rifting. The oldest and best defined rift occurs in the Afar region of Ethiopia and this rift is usually referred to as the Ethiopian Rift. The system is home to globally important populations of black-necked grebeAfrican spoonbillpied avocetlittle grebeyellow-billed storkblack-winged stiltgrey-headed gull and gull-billed tern.Great Rift Valley, geological fault [1] system of SW Asia and E Africa.

It extends c.3, mi (4, km) from N Syria to central Mozambique. The northernmost extension runs S through Syria and Lebanon, the Jordan valley, the Dead Sea [2], and the Gulf of Aqaba [3].

Rift valleys can also form at transform faults, where tectonic plates are grinding past each other. The Salton Trough, which stretches through the states of California (United States) and Baja California (Mexico), is a rift valley created in part by the San Andreas Fault.

The San Andreas is a. The Great Rift Valley is part of an intra-continental ridge system that runs through Kenya from north to south. It is part of the Gregory Rift, the eastern branch of the East African Rift, which starts in Tanzania to the south and continues northward into billsimas.comon: Kenya.

Great Rift Valley, Kenya

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The great rift valley
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