The fakebook generation

Spend your time with your real-life family and friends. Every time they enter into a program, the program or software should record them entering.

I would have applied earlier, but I have to get my life together. This will eliminate the time needed to actually take breaks while employees are on the clock.

There is now technology such as Oovoo to see friends not in the same location as you. However, competition is always fierce. Allowing idiots to gang up on someone is analogous to Natzis to use propaganda to eliminate competition.

And I see your point on the whole work at home, sacrificing social interactions. I feel that it would be more beneficial to do it that way because that will allow employees to set up dates with their friends, time periods The fakebook generation work and time periods to balance other aspects of their lives.

Of course, this idea may not work for all business. I must accept the fact these people were raised under a different set of circumstances and conditions. The efficiency is highly likely to show through the work that they do per time slot. But, are they actually doing the most that they can do?

It assumes some merit or virtues. I feel that being able to work at home and being able to use social networks is one of the best ideas ever. But, if the building is big, it probably would be best to just leave it open instead of closing it, depending on how long the break is, and how fast on average does it take for the employees to get out of there.

Add that to being in a very remote area and you could go stir crazy. This does mean that you may have to always be on a schedule. If you are a person who does not live within the same neighborhood as a friend, you could easily schedule dates with your friends.

What is the Facebook Generation?

I was taught by my parents at an early age, "be a leader, not a follower". People can also Oovoo a friend or two during their extended break. This would also eliminate the need to forge friendships with coworkers you do not want have a friendship with. The commonly held belief among many Matures and Boomers of, "you can count the number of true friends on one hand" clearly indicates a different mindset.

Go make something happen. You could spend more time during the week with your friends if you are allowed to have shorter time slots but more slots to work through out the day and longer breaks.

You may want to only be cordial during the time periods that you see them. I am a college student, preparing to work for this company. However, it may be best for medium sized businesses. They need and deserve your attention and time. However, when married people who have jobs, homes to maintain and children to raise, start spending inordinate amounts of time socializing online and looking for affirmation from others that their photos are amazing, that they are amazing, etc.

I think the people that have found a way to work through the recession and all this mess we are currently in are gutsy and innovative. This will prevent them from having to record it themselves, and the employer to have to record it manually.

I believe this is the problem with almost every business. My generation put a man on the moon, and perfected the science of transplanting the heart of one human being into another and invented the computer. As for tracking your employees, and actually knowing how efficient they are is not another question.

There are many more positive outcomes of this type of style or way of running a business.Jun 24,  · But she found the next generation clicking at a different rhythm. Continue reading the main story. We’re interested in your feedback on this page. Tell us what you think.

What's Next. In her blog “ The Fakebook Generation,” later to be published in the New York Times on October 6,Alice Mathias enters the topic of the most used. In her blog “ The Fakebook Generation,” later to be published in the New York Times on October 6,Alice Mathias enters the topic of the most used social networking service worldwide, Facebook.

A generator to create a fake Facebook profile for a literary/historical figure or even a concept/theme. Aug 30,  · The Facebook generation is those growing up in a world where the use of online social networking is common. Those in the Facebook. Oct 06,  · THE time-chugging Web site first appeared during my freshman year as the exclusive domain of college students.

This spring, Facebook opened its .

The fakebook generation
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