Starbucks changes direction with big drive thru

The commercial development on the north side of the Crossing is small-scale, but focused inward to the parking lot rather than adding to the Highway 3 streetscape and helping to connect to the corner. Now, the vast bulk of their business is takeout and their market is in the suburbs, because that is where the majority of Americans live.

This decision should not be treated as planning killing off development nor of planning winning a battle in the development war or any other adversarial interpretation or the outcome.

You sat down and had a coffee, maybe did some work or met a friend. Nine years ago I asked Tony Gale, Corporate Architect for Starbucks at the time, about how he justifies building green Starbucks which is what we are still talking about today.

When the development does not fit the planning, which should prevail?

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Downtown is beautiful and beloved, but the pattern of downtown is valuable in other ways for Northfield and extending that pattern makes sense in multiple ways and here are just a few: But, t he Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Code purpose for this zoning district identify this area and the Crossing original PUD and Gateway Corridor Improvement Plan peg this corner in particular as a key gateway into downtown Northfield where development will echo the historic with buildings close to the street, where walking and biking are emphasized over driving, and where the distinctive, Northfieldian place begins.

But as Katherine noted in her recent discussion of single-use plastic straws, the real problem is with one that Starbucks is not even trying to solve. Starbucks can do all these green initiatives, build their solar powered stores, but fundamentally their business is building standalone drive-throughs where people roll up in SUVs to buy stuff in disposable, non-recyclable packaging, much of it with plastic lids that are no better than straws when it comes to saving the oceans.

The problem is exactly the one that Katherine raised. The planned riverfront walkway connecting to the Crossing to the Riverwalk south of 2nd Street has not been completed. The long-term planning or the money-on-the-table-right-now development? Building taller buildings with small or no setbacks concentrates value and makes more use of a smaller amount of infrastructure.

The narrower roadway both visually from buildings and trees, but also from street parking slows vehicle traffic to make walking, rolling and riding safer and more pleasant. This is not a theoretical question; planning and development ran smack into each other Thursday, April 19, when the Northfield Zoning Board of Appeals denied multiple variances for a proposed Starbucks drive-thru at the corner of Highway 3 and Second Street.

It is a tough nut, we have looked at a variety of concepts, sloping driveways so you can turn off the car, and more. Right now, this area is near other highway businesses and a drive-through Starbucks is not out of place right now and it would be reasonable to find it would not alter this character.

What needs to change instead is American eating culture, which is the real driving force behind this excessive waste.

Walk into your neighborhood Starbucks, demand a reusable cup, sit down and smell the coffee. How can economic and community development staff think differently to market this property or develop proposals which will fit both the real estate and the planning goals.

The zoning board of appeals may only grant applications for variances where practical difficulties in complying with this LDC exist and each of the following criteria are satisfied: Starbucks recently announced a Global Greener Stores commitment, and will design, build and operate 10, greener stores by Now they have given up altogether.

Variances let developers break the dimensional zoning rules if certain conditions are met. How will Northfield take advantage of advances in street designs, public health research, and other tools to evaluate regulations and projects for better active transportation results?

How can Northfield consider the impact of both its land development pattern and local business development compared to national franchises? After watching the meeting video, my understanding is that ZBA members generally agreed about c: Questions I would like Northfield to ask next: What we are looking at are quick orders, ways to get them through faster.

High value, walkable development: The staff memo found that all variance criteria were satisfied, but the Zoning Board of Appeals decided differently not the Planning Commission as local media stated — the ZBA and PC are the same people, but when acting as the ZBA the panel has a different, quasi-judicial, role and final administrative decision-maker; as the PC, the body is advisory to the Council.

Essential character ewas alluded to by ZBA comments, but not discussed in detail. You need room for about eight cars and we have to find a way to get those cars off the street faster. I would highlight the distinction I used to start this post of future planning and right now development.

Street entrances and windows make walking more pleasant because there are things to look at.The only reason I'm giving this Starbucks a 2 is because the drive thru people are amazing and they never make my drink wrong at drive thru.

BUT I have went inside a total of 4 times and without fail EVERY TIME they have made my drink wrong and forgotten to put vanilla syrup in the Americano/5(45). Mar 11,  · Starbucks Changes Direction with Big Drive-Thru Plans Daily Finance By Rick Aristotle Munarriz, 30 January | AOL Original Posted under: Starbucks, Food & Beverage NaN.

There's a new Starbucks on Route (also known as Tarrytown Road) in Elmsford — and it's a drive-thru. It's also big — 2,square-feet — with plenty of room for spreading out with a. In this case, the Starbucks drive-through needed to break rules on where the building could be located relative to public streets and where the drive-thru lane can be placed.

As a major amendment to a Planned Unit Development created under the former zoning code, the proposal needed to follow the C-1 (Downtown) zoning district (East of Highway. Big fan of the drive-thru so this place is a favorite!

This place reminds me of the depressed Starbucks coffee from York Blvd in Highland Park. The employees are clueless, they need to learn how to make drinks, and the place has no restrooms/5(41). This has to be the worst planned Starbucks drive-thru location of all time.

They've tried to mitigate the traffic they've put up traffic barriers to stop the left turn into the drive-thru - but what happens instead is that people drive past the barriers and then make crazy left turns into oncoming traffic.3/5().

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Starbucks changes direction with big drive thru
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