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Customers use safety as an important criterion in choosing travel methods with substitutes such as trains generating threats to airline companies in particular markets. Over the course of time, as incomes continue to increase, the cost of labour will rise towards the industry average.

As one response to these pressures SIA invested in technology in order to control its cost levels while attempting to avoid sacrificing customer service quality in achieving profitability.

When you compare this to other low costs carriers in markets Sia airlines essay as North America or Europe, this is just of fraction of what the LCCs are paying.

These broader trends have generated significant threats to airline companies such as SIA in such facets as increased airport expenses due to enhanced security checks.

The differentiation marketing strategy exploited by SIA is based on service and the image of Singapore Girl is a key part of this brand image.

This information is important, because it shows how Air Asia and many of the other LCCs are able to remain competitive.

Part of this is in response to the increases in passenger traffic and the effects of Sia airlines essay. At the same time it is interesting to note that while costs increased visibly net income after tax improved for SIA which is mainly attributable to high operating income and improved load factor on its flights.

As a result the awareness of the Singapore Girl image among global customers is high. It is reasonable to suggest that at this point the brand image of Singapore Girl is a principal icon reflecting the ethos of customer service within SIA.

An integrated view at board level regarding the changing environmental conditions and the use of a differentiation marketing strategy leveraging customer service strengths will enable SIA to maintain a strong competitive position in the long term.

Similarly continued cost pressures such as high fuel prices as well as operational costs related to enhanced security will continue to be a challenge for SIA in maintaining profitability in competing with budget operators.

Load Factors and Profitability Load factor is one of the most important determining factors of profitability within the airline industry. It has employed a set of core strategies which seek to combine excellent customer service with high rates of profitability.

However given the broader political and legal contexts it is arguably a necessity for SIA to pursue this strategy. Research demonstrates that higher income individuals are more likely than lower income individuals to report themselves at higher levels of satisfaction David and Smeeding, View Full Essay Words: However as Jobber suggests price is often used by consumers as an indicator of service level hence Ryanair is rarely perceived as a quality service offering company.

Moreover, Gluckman discussed on the impact that Air Asia has had upon the industry.

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This is significant, because it shows how Air Asia has identified ways that it can compete over the short to medium term.

Where, their low costs and no frills have helped the company to be able to redefine the sector. At this stage load factors were generally disappointing for most airline companies yet the performance of SIA has been demonstrated to be better than its rivals in the ensuing period after the attacks.

The uncertain future of these political contexts also means that future economic impacts on the airline industry remain unclear. As mentioned earlier a successful marketing strategy emphasising quality helped SIA maintain a stable load factor which as a result enabled it to achieve stable rates of profitability and enhance its competitive position in the industry.

Of concern however is that maintaining quality of service at profitable levels has become increasingly difficult bearing in mind the threats faced by SIA in both macro and micro environmental contexts.

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Once this takes place, it could provide a more complete picture, as to how these different challenges are affecting the industry and what could be the possible impact in the future. Sia airlines essay considering changing consumer behaviour and attitudes towards flying it is a difficult challenge for SIA to adjust its marketing strategy and brand image reflecting these changing psychosocial trends.

It is obvious that SIA has exploited a differentiation marketing strategy based on building up a strong brand image reflecting high quality customer service airline and one which seeks to create added value to the flying experience of customers in terms of luxury and comfort.

However productivity levels are not only linked with monetary rewards. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than, Oasis Hong Kong. Also of note is that in the consideration of terrorist related attacks in the US consumers both in the US and globally express more concerns in relation to safety in choosing public traveling methods.

As such the HRM Sia airlines essay SIA can be criticised because the encouragement of monetary rewards is not solely enough and considerations must be made for long term staff development in rewarding and securing increased productivity. The reason why is because Air Asia has a very low labor cost structure in comparison with the traditional airlines.

SIA is a successful example in obtaining better performance in respect of its load factor for passenger journeys. This is due to existing rivalries as well as new entrants within the discount airline market segment. It is unsurprising to see traditional human resource management approach viewing performance management as enhancing individual performance through assessing past performance and rewarding employees in purely fiscal terms Walker, HRM strategies especially staff training and development programs have helped SIA not only maintain its customer service quality level but also created cost controls related to staff retention which further enhance its competitive advantages in adding value for shareholders and sustaining long term corporate growth.

However, there have been similar airlines in the past, which have tried and failed using the same kinds of business models.Singapore Airlines Ltd maintained its leading position in air through stellar marketing campaigns, cutting capacity while increasing passenger load and by constantly innovating in offering the latest technology for its new products and services in-flight In response to the adverse business conditions within airlines, SIA planned to reduce.

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Singapore Airlines Marketing Essay Case Study: Singapore Airlines However considering changing consumer behaviour and attitudes towards flying it is a difficult challenge for SIA to adjust its marketing strategy and brand image reflecting these changing psychosocial trends.

This indeed can be seen as a critical weakness for SIA. Singapore Airlines Business And Management Strategies Tourism Essay. Singapore airline has been seeing an increasing of its profit by starting new alliances with more other airlines. SIA has benefited in three ways.

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