Self assessment paper return deadline

How to complete your self-assessment tax return online. HMRC is starting to fill in some of the details on behalf of the taxpayer. HMRC provides a list of recognised suppliers. Credit card or direct debit payments will arrive the same or next day, while sending by post can take up to three working days.

Self-assessment is the process used by HMRC to collect tax from individuals who may own a business or receive income outside of formal employment.

Online self-assessment

Financial records You should have your financial records to hand when completing your self-assessment tax return.

Higher rate relief on Gift Aid donations allows those who pay income tax at 40 per cent or above to claim the difference between the higher and basic rate on their gifts. These sections relate to the following types of income: Deadlines There are four deadlines to keep in mind when completing your self-assessment tax return and paying tax to HMRC.

This is your final opportunity to send your self-assessment to HMRC, and it must be filed by midnight at the latest. Whilst accountants offer support and guidance whilst completing all the calculations for you, they often charge a considerable amount of money for the privilege.

Payments are due by midnight on 31 January and 31 July. Thereafter, you may only file your return online by 31st January at the latest. The deadline for paper forms was 31 October but you have until 31 January to send your tax return online. To discover how to file a Self Assessment tax return the easy way, try SimpleTax today with a day free trial.

This date allows for online submission only; there is no opportunity to submit your return on paper by this point. As well as income from an employer or self-employment, details of UK and foreign income must also be declared. Taxpayers with more complex arrangements, including the self-employed and those with taxable gains to declare — such as property landlords — are obliged to submit a self-assessment return.

First, taxpayers need to be registered for HMRC online services.

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This is used to record any income, capital gains and pensions and tax reliefs collected during the financial year. Any capital gains from the disposal of assets, including shares, land and property, must also be disclosed, as well as rental income.

But fewer people will have to do them over the next few years.A Self Assessment Tax Return is an annual Tax form required by HMRC by certain individuals, for example those in self-employment or run a limited company For Self-Assessment Tax Returns completed on paper, the deadline is much shorter and ends on the midnight of 31st October following the Tax year.

claiming expenditure for a self. The deadline for submitting your self-assessment tax return on paper is midnight 31 October Those choosing to file a paper tax return must fill. You have to complete a paper tax return by 31 October every year. If you miss this deadline, then you can avoid a fine by submitting an online tax return by 31 January instead.

This guide will talk you through the different sections of the main tax return, supplementary pages, how to find help filling out the tax return, and a handy paper tax. The Self Assessment tax return deadline for paper submissions is the 31 st October, but it’s worth noting that these types of tax submissions are being phased out.

Plus, whilst paper returns don’t require an internet connection, they are invariably time-consuming and complicated. The deadline for the paper Self-Assessment /17 tax return submission is 31st October Most of the Self-Assessment returns you are submitting will of course be prepared on commercial software and submitted online etc.

31 October is the Self Assessment deadline for the tax year if you want to file a paper return rather than filing online. However, most businesses find it easier to file their tax return online - and under the government’s Making Tax Digital plans, filing paper returns may not be an option from April

Self assessment paper return deadline
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