Mango pulp production business plan

It should be separated from the other quarters so that basic calculations may be carried out in a quiet environment. Samples of frozen mango cubes were manufactured with mango from Burkina Faso to test the suitability for machine cutting, calculate production losses and test the acceptability of the colour, flavour and texture in the EU market.

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It should be borne in mind that even though the current cholera outbreak in Latin America is viewed as an isolated case, health care should not be a priority in times like these alone. The floor must also be sloped to allow appropriate drainage, mango pulp production business plan at all costs the formation of pools in the processing area.

Requirements pertaining to the materials and construction characteristics of the sites do not vary greatly for home processing or small-scale industrial plants.

If you need, we can modify the project capacity and project cost based on your requirement. The low cost of labour, mango and the complementary season were enough to convince them to visit Mali and Burkina Faso. MPAK would also buy all the produce manufactured in the new ovens for sale to its own clients.

If the plant is equipped with a small steam generator, it should be located outside the processing room, to avoid contamination problems, and at the same time ensure personnel safety.

One way of achieving this separation is through the use of light partitions, painted wood panels used to simply separate one area from the other. The strategic option that was defined was to conquer the conventional market for dried mango by drastically improving product quality.

The scale and other instruments for primary quality control must be kept in a safe place, where they will not be damaged.

Future projects may have different values of project cost and capacity. It is for this reason that the temperature must be as low as possible; it must be cool.

As an alternative, electrical, paraffin or firewood-generated heat may be used.

Pictures 17 and 18 show other items comprising the multi-use kit, a scale and a citrus fruit extractor. Figure 2 shows a steam-powered heating system, figure 3 shows a press for the extraction of juice, and figure 4 shows a pulp removing machine.

Snacks are packed in transparent plastic bags. Sometimes, the products must settle for a while to achieve a certain level of homogeneity, whereas in other cases the material must await labelling. The largest, MPAK was intrigued by the opportunity because they lacked fresh mango to increase the production capacity and deliver their clients.

The product showed no browning after 1 year of storage. Ripe mangoes are a popular fruit and may be used for stewed fruits, fruit jam, fruitcakes and many other standard fruit applications; they can, however, even used for savoury dishes. The goal was to come with a number of strategic options for the industry and proposals for pilots.

Other facilities Some equipment, due to its nature, cannot be installed in the main facility of a processing plant. A drier is another special system, which should be installed in a rather dry place and not in the processing room, as this is an especially humid area in the plant.

Physical layout The physical layout of a plan of this nature may be very simple, as it refers to a basic production system, involving small volumes and simple products, from a technological point of view. On such premises, a continuous production line may be set up, or simply an ensemble of small machines allowing the products to be processed by hand and on a discontinuing basis.

The goal was to find the most cost-effective combination that would improve quality and shelf life. Finally, the feasibility study for individually quick frozen mango cubes IQF clearly showed the profitability of such a factory.

Finally, two feasibility studies were proposed: In total 12 tons of product was produced and sold to MPAK. Some time must thus be devoted to coordinate two aspects that are vital to the development of a project of this nature, namely costs and the quality of the infrastructure needed to achieve the established goals.

In general, it is advised that chlorine be added to the water supplying the entire plant, so as to provide for permanent disinfection. The buildings materials must be easy to readapt because these home-made systems are rather dynamic, that is, they require frequent changes or must adjust to different processes, so that the space that they occupy may be exploited all year round.Fruit Pulp Business Manufacturing Project Business Plan Are you interested in starting fruit pulp related small business at your own backyard?

Case: Developing the mango processing industry in West Africa

Read this post to learn how to start fruit pulp related business right from your home. VHEMBE DISTRICT THULAMELA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS farm is Citrus which accounts for 56ha in production and Mango production which The aim of this business plan is therefore to serve as a tool to source such resources.

Processing. Essentially a prime table fruit, mango pulp is perfectly suited for conversion to juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese or to be. Business Plan JUICE COMPANY HEAD OFFICE: Smoothy Juice Co.

Ltd 23/4, Dhanmandi 4/A, Dhaka Dhaka E-mail: [email protected] We. Project Report on Mango Pulp.

mango pulp

Offering complete resources to start new industry including market survey, feasibility report, profit loss and much more. A daily production of between and kilograms of fruit product is estimated to be obtained from an input of between and kilograms of fruit pulp/product is estimated to be obtained from an input of kilogram’s.

Mango pulp production business plan
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