Limcoma multi purpose co operative strategic management

Calya-en and the others. He has been hailed as a public servant for doing positive for Tinoc, Ifugao and the country. They are also engage chiefly in farming. The poor do not have the weapon to overcome the mischievous hands of Satan that is social inequity.

Decisions of board directors affect each one in the cooperative. The five-day agenda-thrusting activity undoubtedly helped synthesize their strengths, so that officers may collectively accelerate towards a more competitive future, Sponsored by the Department of Agrarian Reform DARthe workshop also seeks to assist the KCCMC in leading and facilitating the strategic planning and oversee the different functional areas of the cooperative.

Only the cooperative has the power to do so. Majority are frustrated by the inadequate basic services and lack of jobs. It should take cognizance of the fact that there is a growing interest on cooperatives in the province.

It is relying on its efficient office workforce to attain this goal. There are many good reasons why these programs, projects and activities are highly-successful.

Chaiperson is Joan Jovita Uybaan. These projects should be community-driven, with the people determining the projects to be implemented in their localities.

Other major concerns common across the town are the lack of economic opportunity, deficit, deficiency and deterioration in the education system and poverty.

Calya-en, an experienced leader of the cooperative movement in this part of the region. Many others shared her sentiment. Vice chairperson is Elena Canete. Most folks in Tinoc depend on farming as a source of living. They are Mary Guisiman, chairperson of the education committee, Clarita Luciap, secretary and Jacquiline Jose, member; Victor Bandao, chairman of the audit and inventory committee, Myrasol Cabautan and Yulie Cuyasen, member; Epifania Binwihan, chairperson of the credit committee, Tersesita Alilao, secretary and Elma Binlingan, member; Rolando Guinsiman, chairman of the conciliation committee, Jose Innad and Domingo Nalibhan, member; Anita Gaspili, chairperson of the ethics committee, Diana Nehyeban, secretary and Jeritz Dapunan, member.

Untold hardships faced by the poor every day in Ifugao are hard to dispel. Remember to listen and reflect on the words and advices of Mr.

The undeniable fact, still, is that good management performance of the KCCMC officers gave members peace of mind because they knew they were well taken care by Mr.

The Kalanguya tribe originally settled in Benguet province. Some of them moved to parts of Ifugao. This means recognizing their rights, entitlements and all other benefits, all of which must be clearly translated to effective and sustainable programs.

It is always there to achieve sustainability, equitable and inclusive growth. These developments has produced a dramatic a dramatic rise of economic growth in the private sector.

Calya-en went out of his way in helping improve the overall quality of life of farmers.

There are many good reasons why members are afraid to take chances of becoming officers, of course. Thousands have little access to treatment and confinement in hospitals that lack basic equipment and supplies.

Tinoc cooperative to continue anti-poverty thrust

For the KCCMC to fully attain its noteworthy objectives, officers should remain steadfast in ensuring that maintenance of a dignified life for all members is a top priority.

If properly managed and administered, a cooperative is a progressive tool of transforming the lives of the people in impoverished provinces like Ifugao. It seeks to provide loans such production, provident, salary, emergency and micro-financedeposit services as well as rentals of chairs and crates.

Calya-en, who has built his reputation as a crusader for clean and just government, agriculture and public education, has devoted his life to transforming the lives of the poor in remote villages. Each year and throughout the year, they take part in mapping out moves to ensure the implementation of key programs, projects and activities of the KCCMC.

Agri-input supplies are also readily available to the public. He also served as vice mayor of Tinoc.


Calya-en and the other officers if there are indeed apprehensions or questions. All of them are serving a term of two years. The Kalanguya dialect contains a recorded literature consisting of historical narratives and myths.Admin Manager at Southern Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Location Region IVA - Calabarzon, Philippines managing budgets, risk assessments and business strategy reviews.

Also I am well verse in using accounting software as a tool in recording transactions and preparation of financial reports.

Masters in Business Management, Post graduate Title: Admin Manager at Southern Multi. Strategic Alliances. Report in Business Policy. Sample Audit Engagement Letter.

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Rich Don Associates Progressive Farmers Multi-Purpose Coop Society Plastic Containers & Chemical Specialties Ltd FIRE INHIBITORS AND HOME SAFETY LTD Rowlett S O Idris And Associates LAGOON HOME SAVINGS & LOANS LTD BOAZ MGT & FIN. Nov 01,  · The Comptroller General (CG), Nigeria Immgration Service (NIS), Mohammed Babandede yesterday flayed the management of the NIS Staff Multi-purpose Cooperative Society for exposing the contributions.


October – Present 2 years. DAVAO CITY. Active participation in department’s strategic planning activities in relation to the overall company direction. Conduct organizational meetings and technical assistance to financial management and Title: AREA SALES MANAGER -.

Limcoma multi purpose co operative strategic management
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