Lesson plans and rationale

One strength of this lesson, was that I was able to respond to vivid class discussion, and refer to question prompts that I had planned to bring up in later slides, at an earlier point in the discussion.

The first part of every class period is devoted to Practical Matters.

This lesson on the topic of food and non-food was used mid-semester in week 8 of the course. Slides are effective when students are working in small groups because I place the directions for the activity on the slide, providing a reference for students as they progress in small group discussion.

This allows students to refocus their learning that day on a specific question, often relating course material to other classes, their desired careers, or personal experiences.

For example, this class meeting was held after students participated in an anonymous mid-term course evaluation, and time at the beginning of class was devoted to providing feedback on these surveys.

I use slides during each of my lessons to help organize the course content and help students follow the discussion.

What Is the Rationale in a Lesson Plan?

Conversely, they also commented that the assignments forced them to read carefully, and admitted they were much better prepared for class discussion after completing the reading response assignment.

They also provide an organizational anchor when students transition to other instructional models including mini lectures or large group discussion. In discussion oriented classes, it is imperative that slides remain a teaching tool and not strict instructional format.

Students complained that it was a lot of work, and that it was particularly difficult to fit everything in the one-page limit.

Each week, class ends with a brief, three to five minute classroom assessment activity. This class met weekly for two-and-a-half hours, and the lesson plan is designed to fill the entirety of that time. Instructors need to be flexible, and respond to student discussion and interest as it emerges, and too frequently slides squash this type of organic learning.

With such a long class to fill, it is critical to employ a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged and learning.

Lesson Plan Rationale and Example

When students have an opportunity to apply course content to their personal experience, they make more lasting and relevant connections. I have taught the Anthropology of Food: ANTH over two different semesters.

This meant that the lesson did not follow the structure I had envisioned when I created the slides, but I was able to ensure that all the salient topics were covered in the discussion.

This week began as they worked in small groups of four to define concepts that we would then unpack and discuss for the remainder of the class period.Lesson Rationale 1) Strategic Functions: Explore – The students’ will be in the forest ecosystem at Fenner trying to find different types of seeds by exploring.

I wanted to format my two lessons plans in a similar fashion even though one focused on reading and the other focused on writing. I broke the lessons up into three parts each.

By having a “pre” section before the students began working on the main focus of the lesson, the students would be prepared for the task they needed to complete. Find ,+ lesson plans and worksheets reviewed and rated by teachers.

Lesson How It Works · Single Sign-on · Professional Development · Inspiring Students. Lesson Plan Rationale and Example. Home; About Me; Research. Feasting and Food Security: Negotiating Infant and Child Feeding in Urban and Peri-urban Vanuatu This lesson on the topic of food and non-food was used mid-semester in week 8 of the course.

I have taught the Anthropology of Food: ANTH over two different semesters. This class. 1 How to Write a Rationale Adapted from SLATE Starter Sheet, NCTE, April Jean E. Brown, Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan Region 4 Representative to the SLATE Steering Committee.

Jim McGrath and Anthony Coles - Your Teacher Training Handbook Example Rationale and Lesson Plan. Please note: No lesson plan or rationale is perfect. This example is very good. As you read it try We would like to thank Laura Aston for permission to use her plans as part of these web resources.

Jim McGrath and Anthony Coles - Your Teacher.

Lesson plans and rationale
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