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Everyone learns in a different way and everyone learns vocabulary in a different way. They also come up quite a lot in the speaking test.

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Study within the common topics This method is so effective that some of the best IELTS schools are starting to adopt this approach.

This is the most effective way to remember the words. If you are practicing writing essays, find a question about one of the most popular or repeated IELTS topics. If you are going to study or practice anything then do it within the context of one of the common topics.

However, I would like to add that it is also important to study things you have a passion for. Unless of course you are listening or reading for pleasure, in that case, be my guest. If you love football, read about your team everyday on www. If you are genuinely interested in a topic then it is much easier to study and you are less likely to quit.

Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2018

Whatever works for Latest topics for essay writing, do it. Listen to star talk radio. Now you know the common topics there are 3 things you can do: When looking at new vocabulary try to guess the meaning from context first and then look up the meaning to make sure your idea matches the actual meaning.

Also, be sure to look at the word within a sentence to be aware of the way it relates to other words. Please also make time to read, listen, talk and write about your passion. This method allows you to practice both the skills and learn about these crucial topics.

Develop a vocabulary list for each topic Having relevant vocabulary for each topic will give you a big advantage. Many students fail to provide relevant vocabulary and their band score suffers. When recording vocabulary do it in a way that will help YOU remember it.

So what can I do with this information? This will not only improve all four skills but familiarise you with the common topics at the same time. Obviously, there is much more to achieving a high score than just focusing on the repeated topics but this will allow you to study and prepare in a smarter and more efficient way, giving you a huge advantage.

It is also very important to review words regularly. Have a passion for astrophysics? Even just 60 minutes per day can make a big difference.

After that they should be firmly stuck in your head for good. Please check out my 25 online language learning tools for lots of ways you can study at home for free.

Have a passion for photography? Some people like to draw pictures beside the word, some people like to write synonyms or antonyms, others prefer to write a few sentences and some people like to use the phonemic chart to write the word that way. If you like listening to the radio or podcasts, find ones on the common topics.

Here are the topics: I would recommend reviewing them one day after learning them for the first time, then one week later and then finally one month later.Latest Best Topic to Write an Essay Best Essay Topics Essay writing topics with answers to help freshers to appear in Essay writing, campus placement preparation.

Participate in Q4I Essay writing topics and write down your own. Below are sample IELTS essay questions and topics reported by IELTS students in writing task 2. The essay questions have been reworded and are organised under common topics which frequently come in IELTS writing task 2.

At the bottom of the page, I’ve put some essay questions for you to. PTE Essay Writing – We are sharing with you the latest and exclusive repeated PTE essays list. Here is full-fledged PTE Academic Exam Essay Writing Sample Topics List with Answers for PTE Aspirants. The post will give you the 10 most common IELTS Writing Task 2 topics.

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Top Essay Topic For Those at. Sep 14,  · Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics January 15, by Liz 8, Comments. Share your Recent IELTS Exam Questions: Writing task 2 GT Essay. Some people think that only staff who worked in the company for a long time should be promoted to higher positions.

Latest topics for essay writing
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