Group 3 ethics project 1

It may be an event in the news, such as some aspect of a presidential campaign, wars, violence, or local, such as a political campaign, abortion protests, race issues, etc.

If you prefer doing research in public relations, you might choose material supplied by a particular organization. Write the results in the form of a report, analyzing answers using your knowledge of ethical approaches utilitarianism, egoism, relativism, etc.

Identify an actual media case which includes ethical considerations. Basically, tell me everything the world knows about the ethical issue raised by your sample case.

Carefully construct at least a half dozen questions based on the case. Your paper should be set up using the ethics worksheet questions, with each question number indicated. The choice must NOT be something Group 3 ethics project 1 already used for a class case study.

Please try to avoid choosing all your friends or five other mass comm majors, not exactly a random choice. Focus groups form a common way to gather opinions on a topic, and are commonly used for marketing research.

Identify the ethical issue posed by the case, and collect background information on this issue from library sources and interviews with experts. Analyze coverage emphasizing important ethical concerns, such as bias, truth, fairness, economic considerations, competition, deception, emotional and rational approach, etc.

To recognize an ethical issue based on an actual situation; to understand how ethics philosophers and writers have considered your chosen issue; to critically analyze a case, acknowleding ambiguities.

Include in your report at least two pages of introduction, describing the case, and briefly reviewing other research done by philosophers and writers on this issue. If you prefer advertising topics, you might analyze a series of ads on one topic.

It will make this project more fun to do. Read, listen to, or watch every story on that subject, gathering at least 10 or so stories. Your results may reveal a surprising bias in treatment of an issue. This exercise will give you an informal opportunity to study the dynamics of the group as it relates to the differences of opinion common in ethical considerations.

Include at least a page or two of introduction to the general ethical issues raised in the study. Using the ethics worksheet as an outline, description of the case should be at least one page.

Ross Collins This capstone project is worth points, about 30 percent of your course grade Choose a case study clearly raising ethical issues related to the media. You may also wish to count certain words or phrases used, if useful.

For help, check out this student web paper guide. You may complete this project as a web site instead of a traditional term paper. To find ideas, read, read, read, listen, listen, listen, or watch, watch, watch. Your consideration of how ethical theories relate to your case will fit under question 11, etc.

This part of the assignment is similar to previous class exercises. Option 1, Case study using ethics worksheet. Yes, spelling, grammar, and writing quality count.

Research on the case should total at least five to seven pages, and a good eight sources, books and articles included--not only web sites! This may be an actual case, or a hypothetical case from your text or another source. Complete the ethics worksheet, decide how you would, or would have, handled the case.

Your answer will probably be both in narrative and bulleted form, as you think works best. The sweep is broad, though the case must in some way involve one of the media: Option 3, Ethics focus group a.

Get ideas from your textbooks, or from class discussions. Results should be pages, double-spaced typewritten, with graphs and illustrations, if necessary.

The case may involve national or local news media, advertisers, public relations practitioners, or media entertainment in magazines, movies, books, etc. You might even choose an issue currently being covered in the media, and monitor coverage for the next few weeks.

Option 2, Informal content analysis a. This means your description of the case will fit into, perhaps, questions two and three. Write the results of your content analysis.Such fears are grounded on the possibility that once a group or collective unconscious is programmed into a culture.

“Subliminal indoctrination may prove to be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. The banners should concentrate more on the consequences of the products (like tobacco etc) rather than promoting them for a different product. If you really would prefer to do a group project (no more than four in a group), submit your proposal, and I'll let you know if it meets expections for a capstone.

Option 1, Case study using ethics worksheet. Jul 24,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Econ Christian Ethics Project 3 In: Social Issues Submitted By thejones Words Pages 2. 1.

Must not be at war with a neighboring country or persecuting any religious group or minority 3) A fair and balanced judicial system in place accompanied with a transparent government 4) Export diversification with guaranteed open markets.

View Essay - Group Project Paper from IT at Capella University. IT Code of Ethics- Group 2 1 IT Code of Ethics -Group 2 By, Jason Coltrain Michael Lopatnikov Sandara Ros Jayson Sahr Mel.

Ethics in Project Management. William A. Moylan, PhD, PMP, FESD, DTM Research Agenda Includes “Ethics in PM” Profile of Surveyed Group Industry Category Years Experience NONE [0] 31 1 to 5 86 6 to 10 41 11 to 15 15 16 to 20 7 21 + 5 Total

Group 3 ethics project 1
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