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I made the following changes: And no, I am not the owner of the official site. ALL English-speaking territories used this name, apart from Australia, which had a commercial reason to release it under the Evil Angels title, as the John Bryson book was well-known there in The fact that that echoing appears in a section that by its header appears to limit it only to where the original film title was not in English does not destroy the underlying principal and probably should be rethought to make it less narrow.

That may not be entirely relevant to the discussion, but it is of peripheral and disclosure interests. Agree, anyone want to request a move for the page Ansell As of February"External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot.

Those are my concerns as part of this community, as ripe fruit for what is done best here: Which would amount to always choosing the currently preferred American name of anything.

Neill, who costarred with Streep in Plentyis quite good as a humble, bewildered sort who finally breaks under cross-examination. I have copies of it from English-speaking territories around the world, on various media formats, but, after 22 years of interest, have not yet managed to procure a copy of the Evil Angels holy grail, although I do hold out some hope.

The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: Warner abandonded the domain several years after the U. COI is not limited to financial interest. The likelihood of anyone who is interested in the film, due to a cultural reference in almost any English-speaking territory around the world or their having recently viewed it, being able to easily make the connection.

It is the original title of the work that originates in an English-speaking country. IMDB is often wrong, but on this they got it right. NCF said "If the film has been released under different titles within the English speaking world - if for example, some English-speaking countries prefer to use the native title, or if different translations are used in different countries - use the most common title throughout, and explain the other titles in the first or second sentence, putting each of them in bold.

A Cry in the Dark was acknowledged as the ninth best film in the courtroom drama genre. Made even more obvious by the references to "translations".

NCF purports to govern film titles but it does not trump for me the policy rationale behind the common naming policy.

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The film is, however, not a specifically Australian film. Are we satisfied that this is a natively Australian film, thus satisfying the WP: Where with general articles the "name" may be something that evolves with usage, with works like books and films they are created with a specific name.

Fast work at IMDB, by the way. I believe we are doing the Wikipedia community a disservice by obfuscating this information. In the lead role, Streep is given a thankless assignment: To use the American name is a classic example of US-centrism in Wikipedia.

Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page. All your arguments have been about what is best for the marketers, and how the article should help them sell it by presenting it as a "Hollywood" film and not the "small Australian film" it actually was.

Cry in the dark.

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Please do not modify it. Even the international distribution was handled by an American company. This article was originally previously located at Evil Angels filmbut was moved in to here, with the the mover citing WP: The canonical article titling policy is to use the common name of a topic as its title.

We begin to dislike the character, and then we know how the Australian public felt. Schepisi may have followed the facts of the case, but he has not made them comprehensible in terms of the film.

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Nov 03,  · A Cry in the Dark. Evil Angels (original title) PG | 2h | Drama | 11 November (USA) A mother whose child was killed in a Dingo attack in the Australian outback fights to prove her innocence when she is accused of murder.

Director: Fred Schepisi. Writers: John Bryson /10(8K). A CRY IN THE DARK is an extremely well told, deeply involving drama. Director Fred Schepisi is excellent in the directors' seat, as is Meryl Streep in the lead role, proving once again why she's 92%.

A Cry in the Dark Evil Angels was the title this Australian film was released under in Australia.

It is the name under which it received Australian Film Institute billsimas.com is the name used in billsimas.com is the title of the book on which the movie is based.

Evil angels cry in the dark
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