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Classical dance forms are based on ancient dance discipline. These are out and out for pleasure and enjoyment. Indian dance, like other Indian arts, has always been conscious of the relationship between the human being and God.

The concept of rasa holds the central place in dance. The stories of Tansen and Baiju Bawra are not unknown to us. It is a solo dance and most complicated to be understood fully by a lay man.

The dance allows one to take into the spiritual essence of themselves and in the beyond. The differences in classical versus modern Indian dance are guided by the means of body communication. It has mainly two styles — the Hindustani style and the Carnatic style.

Chandrasekaran, and so on. Dance is a part of the rich cultural heritage of India. Dance in India has an unbroken tradition of over years. There are styles of Indian dances and of these are described in the Natyashastra. The importance of music in various spheres of human life is briefly discussed below: The acculturation process has created the birth of the modern Indian dance movement which is diametrically different than the classic Indian dance.

Dances are a form of coherent expression of human feelings.

Essay on “Dances of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Bharat Natyam has derived its roots from Tamil Nandu. Today It has developed into an all Indian form. Classical music has its roots in the past. It begins with the invocation of gods and lowering of a curtain held by two men. Carnatic music follows a pattern of mainly devotional themes, most of which are sung in the praise of Hindu deities.

It is based on the romance of the divine Krishna and Radha. Indian dances, a proud and magnificent heritage of India, are a phenomenon to be enjoyed, seen and to be participated. Bharatamuni traces the origin of the art form to Brahma. Despite the cultural differences being different once the Indian women leave their proverbial boundaries, adaptations can be created; but for the most part, the women consistently hold true to the artistic expression that is understood through the classic Indian dance.

Their history, sprawling from the pre-historic antiquity down to our own days, makes a fascinating reading. The young generation has their bent of mind towards these forms.

India has rich cultural tradition. Kathakali is a dance form of Kerala. It is also helpful for the treatment of patients suffering from insomnia.Most of these dance styles are depicted on the walls and pillars of the famous Indian temples.

Music. dance and drama have been an integral part of Indian religious and secular life. Of the classical dances of India, five are famous all over the world. Write a descriptive essay on dance, music and art Indian film music is the most popular form of music in our country.

Most of our films, whether they are made in Hindi, Tamil or Telugu have many songs. Indian art and sculpture, like dance and music, are mostly based on religion. The earliest art to be found in India is Buddhist art. Themes of feminism, religion, and cultural expression are explored in this sample essay on classical Indian dance, as well as the impact of globalization.5/5(5).

Essay on the classical music of India Article shared by The roots of the Indian music can be traced back to the Vedic period, when the celestial creator of the universe, Brahma was said to have handed down music to the world through his son, sage Narada, to usher in an era of peace and solace among humanity.

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Essay on Indian Classical Dance! The sculptures of yore are silent evidences of the antiquity of the Indian classical dances traditional sacred text show the close association of religion with dance.

Indian dance, like other Indian arts, has always been conscious of the relationship between the human being and God. Indian Music essays1) Music is the organisation of sounds with some degree of rhythm, melody, and harmony. 2) Popular Music is music produced for and sold to a broad audience.

Indian popular music, which is most strongly influenced by Indian folk music is shaped by social, economic, and technologi.

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Essay on indian music and dance
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