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Instead, it makes him more determined to accept the challenge of handling Will. The lead character is Will Hunting, a young genius who fails to realise his talent until it is discovered by the award-winning mathematician, Prof.

But ever since high school started up I just fell out of interest and stopped caring. Now, such as in Pre-cal, when I make myself pay attention, I really get interested and I really have come to really Critical reflection good will hunting essay classes like Pre-cal and you Mr.

One other major way that I have been like Will is the untapped potential. In particular, with Chuckie we see the positive effect of not having a good job as he pronounces longing to find a better life and flee away from his neighbourhood. His past memories, full of conflict and pains as a battered child, influence him to withdraw from the society.

However, the people in his life affect him emotionally, thus making him realise that he too must undergo change. The "Student edition" document is a condensed answer-free version of the teacher document. He was of course older and knew and understood things at which I had not come to know yet, and he took advantage of me.

He then undergoes a big transition through the help of Sean, his counsellor, who guides him to learn more about himself, and to make better decisions in life.

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Gerald Lambo, the MIT professor who caught Will at school, strikes a deal with the judge to get him out of jail as long as Will works with him, goes to a psychiatrist, and finds a real, good job. He is limited to going to bars, restaurants, and their neighbourhood.

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In the film, we see that in the beginning Will has only his friends to turn to. It is a natural defense mechanism to keep myself from having to get too involved and feel the inevitable pains.

Will later falls into crime and has to grow up fast. After too much time, it is only a matter of time until he just entirely falls to pieces. Many of our youth today bear the same pains that Will suffers from. He projects an image that he is strong and independent. Will does not do things for a purpose.

Critical Analysis of the Film Good Will Hunting - Essay Example

In particular, a person who does not undergo schooling has limited intermediate community sphere. This is the initiative provided by government agencies to unemployed citizens. Sometimes I feel that there is no point to people because they can get so out of control in their childish affairs, but I know that after high school when they get into the real world, they are going to get hit very hard by reality.

In one scene, Will imagines his stepfather hurting him while he refuses to cry. He never really gets a chance to explore life or to take advantage of his genius. In the end, Will confesses his real feelings—his fears and defeats—because he knows he can trust Sean.

But what about average people like his friends? Another way in which I relate to Will is that I have very much formed an angry, screw you, tough guy attitude and style to hide those feelings and push off those attacks. Lambeau and Skylark his girlfriend are part of this sphere.

By feeling those feelings and using those defense mechanisms, Will does not ever truly see or appreciate everything or everyone for what it is worth and in the way in which all around him want to be. In his class, he emphasises the importance of trust between the client and the counsellor, and this is what he observes in his counselling sessions with Will.

Will truly fears moving on in his life and is filled and controlled with ultimate cynicism, pessimism, guilt, and distrust. Throughout life, I have felt like many that I have trusted, depended, or cared deeply for have let me down, deserted me, or betrayed me in some way.The film "Good Will Hunting" is the journey and story of a young man from South Boston, his troubled life and his opening up.

Like Will Hunting (main character played by Matt Damon), many of us including myself have gone through stages in our life where we can relate to the emotions he felt in. The film, “Good Will Hunting,” produced in by Lawrence Bender and directed by Gus Van Sant, tackles problems of the self and the society.

Home Essays Good Will Hunting Reflection. Good Will Hunting Reflection Good Will Hunting Essay Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting is a poetic story of a young man who works as a janitor at MIT while living in one of the rough neighborhood in South Boston.

Despite his gift in Mathematics, he is still having a hard time finding his. In the film "Good Will Hunting" Will Hunting is blessed with having this gift, but isn't convinced if he should use it. Will kept his gift to himself. He wasn't what society sees as a typical mathematical intellect, being well dressed, law biding, unathletic, and antisocial.

Good Will Hunting Reflection Essay Words | 5 Pages. communicative interactions with others is based primarily on emotions. In the film "Good Will Hunting", the characters experience many emotions that impact their interpersonal relationships and communicative interactions.

Firstname Lastname Professor Petit MDSA01 November 29, A Critical Analysis of the film Good Will Hunting Introduction The view of mathematics in overall culture, and specifically in the arts, has changed only a little from the time when Plato set the basic tone.

Critical reflection good will hunting essay
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