Comparing yourself to others makes you unhappy

You may have had the experience, as I have, of being shocked when a couple that appeared to be happy and solid announce their divorce.

Who do you admire?

With so many negative effects inherent in comparison, it is a shame we ever take part in it. Who inspires you to live better, in the way that matters most? Comparisons deprive us of joy. There will also be something—or someone—else to focus on.

Find inspiration without comparison. Comparisons often result in resentment. Indeed, the negative effects of comparisons are wide and far-reaching. Maybe they dream of going to the tropics but have never had and may never have the opportunity.

There is no end to the possible number of comparisons. Comparisons rob us of precious time. Which updates made you feel enviousor made you feel as if your life paled in comparison? You have the capacity to love, serve, and contribute. Work hard to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Become aware of, and avoid, your triggers. Among these higher pursuits, there is no measurement. Who have you compared yourself to in the last 24 hours? Spend your precious time and thoughts on this, instead. And using even one to compare yourself or your accomplishments to another is one second too many.

Here are some tips: Become intimately aware of your own successes. Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. Your gifts and talents and successes and contributions and value are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. We ought to strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves—not only for our own selves, but for the benefit and contribution we can offer to others.

But as I got older, I began comparing other metrics: But if I was being truly honest, more likely, it is simply a character flaw hidden somewhere deep in my heart.

And it is a habit with numerous shortcomings: But only a fool believes every good thing can be counted or measured. Not in my budget, ever. I almost always regret it when I let my guard down and start scrolling. The habit can never be overcome by attaining success.

With that opportunity squarely in front of you, become intimately aware of your past successes. They can never be properly compared to anyone else. There is so much. Go for a walk—even if only to the other side of the room. You have everything you need to accomplish good in your little section of the world.

In turn, did any posts make you feel smug, or better than that person? Once we begin down that road, we never find an end. Pursue the greater things in life. We typically compare the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume about others.

Take a good look at the list above. They add no value, meaning, or fulfillment to our lives. At first, it was school and sports. Comparing our lives with others is foolish.Aug 18,  · Watch video · - If you are chronically unhappy with your life, comparing yourself to others isn’t going to help you.

You need another approach that will inspire and motivate you to brave up and make the. Comparing Yourself To Others Makes You Unhappy. HOW TO BE YOURSELF 1.

A Helpful Guide to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Find yourself and define yourself on your terms Yet, you can't be yourself if you don't know, understand yourself first. It should be your primary goal to find this out. Find the time to dwell upon what you value and take time to consider what makes up the essence of.

You are you, and you will never be anyone else. The more you compare yourself to others, especially via social media, the more negative headspace you create for yourself.

If You Want To Be Happy, Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

Aimee Groth. Apr. 21,PM Our culture has made it increasingly easy to compare ourselves to others, through unhappy people. Next time you find yourself comparing yourself to others, get up and change your surroundings.

Go for a walk—even if only to the other side of the room. Allow the change in your surroundings to prompt change in your thinking.

My quick advice: try to be aware of when you start comparing yourself to others once you’ve developed this awareness, try this trick: stop yourself. Tell yourself, “Stop that!” And then start thinking about all the things you DO have, the things you love, the people you have, the blessings that life has given you.

Comparing yourself to others makes you unhappy
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