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The result will be in checking on communalism to a great extent. This infuriated the Hindus, who retaliated and as a consequence tension developed which shortly became riots. It spread as a by-product of colonialism, economic stagnations and absence of modern institutions of education and health.

Efforts should be made through mass media for changing the attitude of people towards other communities. It was very much hoped that after the creation of this new state both the countries will attend to their domestic problems and devote themselves to the task of national reconstruction, not interfering in the internal affairs of other country.

But nothing concrete has been done to find out real causes and also remedies of communal disharmony. There are specialized battalions of Rapid Action force in India, which is a wing of CRPF, to deal with riots, riot like situations, crowd control, rescue and relief operations, and related unrest.

The former did not tolerate this. But trouble again started after Janata Government came to power in Every attempt on the part of the government towards restructuring of old practices was viewed with distrust and as an invasion against Islam.

Communalism is a modern phenomenon and its fundamental interests are secular, like competition for share in political power or economic benefits.

Later on, spread of education to peasant and small landlords gave rise to new middle class, as agriculture was becoming stagnant.

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That such persons as die before [th]e 7. Similarly, many religious people who are having deep rooted knowledge in religion do not engage in propagating divisive communal thoughts.

Coming just after the swadeshi movement, where a lot of Hindu idioms like Ramrajya etc. At political level these communities compete for power and resources.

Suggestions for the Eradication of Communalism: The role of police in communal riots is highly controversial. Elaborate arrangements should be made on these occasions for maintaining law and order.

There were incidents of communal violence in some other parts of the country as well.Communalism is a term used in South Asia to denote attempts to construct religious or ethnic identity, incite strife between people identified as different communities, and to stimulate communal violence between those groups.

Communalism In India [Essay, Speech, Debate] [Effects, Causes and History] Communalism happens to be a system which integrates federations as well as communal ownership of. Main Causes of Communalism in India are as follows: Communalism has been a national menace, a mental disease and a big social evil.

The need is, everyone agrees, to eliminate this menace. For finding remedies, it is essential for us to identify the causes behind the presence of communalism.

Communalism Essay: Short Essay on Communalism

The. Introduction: Communalism is defined as a theory of a society that is divided into several small, independent communes and the state is just.

Communalism in India is result of the emergence of modern politics, Recent Essay Challenges. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges – Week E-commerce as a new form of trade and its challenges to India. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges –.

Communalism and Politics in India | Text of the lectureI would like to put before you some propositions to explain the phenomena called ‘communalism’ and its impact on security.

Communalism in india essay
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