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Zinn, Chapters 4 or 5. Examine maps and compile data on the major European powers and the areas of the world over which they had controlling interest. They will concentrate on the material covered in that Unit, but will include some material from sections already covered.

Students are asked to come up with an outline not only for that type of question, but with specific information they would use in that answer.


Recurring issues will be addressed throughout the year by students maintaining a running list of chapter topics that concern the issue.

Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, the influence of business ideologies, and the increasing availability of consumer goods and the rising standard of living. Transformation of the Economy in the Late 19th century: Extra Credit Reading Zinn, Chapters Respectful disagreements and exchanges of ideas in a polite way are perfectly acceptable and encouraged; disparaging words, hurtful comments or deliberate attempts to disrupt the learning process are not.

This is a college-level class, with associated requirements as to the amount of time you must spend on outside-classroom study. You must have something to write with in your possession when you enter the classroom every day.

Kovacs, Mary Anne, Douglas E. The New Deal and the South. Each of these major tests and exams will use material in varying levels from the textbook, readings, and previous AP exam questions.

Students then review documents to prepare for a class discussion on reasons for the relative weakness of unions in the late nineteenth century.

Post Office Murals from the Great Depression. Supreme Court Records from Korematsu v. Students analyze diplomatic correspondence on the eve of the Mexican War.

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Students then compile a list on the board of the major issues of the Progressive era. What themes did the champions of civil rights use in their appeal? The NFL, however, does not treat ties this way. Where should the ultimate power of government rest?

What were the major areas of reform during the Progressive Age? Students examine primary source documents for the following topics and discuss their findings with the class: Andrew Carnegie, Eugene V.

Zinn, Chapters 9 or The eternal Barriers of Nature forbid that the colonies should be blended or coalesce into the Mass. Also explain where the United States is on the list and what happened to the old colonial powers—Spain and Portugal?

A Declaration by the Representative of the United Colonies of North America, now met in Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms. Were 19th Century Entrepreneurs Robber Barons? Students are also asked to address how the filibuster shaped their arguments.

What was his or her background education, religious training, parents? Communications If you are having a specific or general difficulty with any aspect of this class, I encourage you to let me know about it as soon as possible.

Students complete a teacher-made worksheet identifying the major artists and themes of the early 19th century. You may use whatever type pen, pencil, quill, Rapidograph, etc.

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Students will complete a teacher-made chart comparing and contrasting the 13 colonies on major ethnic groups, major religious groups [CR2], major exports, major occupations, major imports [CR4], and government structure [CR1] of each.AP U.S.

History Syllabus and Course Description (CEEB ) Course Description AP U.S. History will begin its study in the European exploration and colonization period and continue through DBQ: “Democracy in Wethersfield” Was American society, as evidenced by Wethersfield.

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AP US History Mr. Blackmon Course Syllabus Advanced Placement United States History is a survey course in US History from the Colonial. US History Colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut Throughout the history of the American colonies, there have been signs of the beginnings of democracy.

Many towns adopted policies that were different from others, and so some towns became more democratic t 3/5(2). List of Previous DBQ Topics Already Asked key Terms and Pre Colonial History US History AP Exam and Final Basic Review Assignments Acalanes High HISTORY U.S. HISTO - Fall US History AP Exam and Final Basic Review Assignments.

3 pages. Important Dates Georgia State University. Welcome to AP US History. Here you will find links to relevant documents and course schedules. AP U S HISTORY DOCUMENT BASED QUESTIONS *ETS, **Tomlin, ***Other. Colonial America 1. From the accompanying documents, analyze and evaluate the character, the contributions and the moral contradictions of the New England Puritans.***.

Ap us history dbq colonial wethersfield
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