American legion auxiliary americanism essay contest rules

What to wear Uniforms are not permitted. The contest chairman will announce any time violations for contestants. Model respect for our flag at public events, such as sporting events. Provide American flags to your local schools for their classrooms.

State and Local Oratorical Contests

Click here to download the Americanism Essay Coversheet. Travel expenses The American Legion pays travel and lodging expenses for department winners and their chaperones. Applicant must be a member of the graduating class of high school including Vo-tech for the year The course covers step by step instructions on how to complete the pertinent form s required and supporting evidence needed for each of the majority of claims the PSO will come across.

The assigned topic runs no fewer than three minutes and no more than five minutes. All department finals and the national contest have five judges, who are not allowed to receive any publicity before the event.

Regulations The official in charge of the contest conducts a drawing to determine the order by which contestants will appear.

Most successful Americanism programs are cooperative efforts between an Auxiliary Unit and its community.

Their qualifications are carefully considered, as their decisions are final and must be reached without bias. Contestants must either be legally domiciled within or attend an educational institution within the department that they enter competition.

In addition, the course covers the criteria and procedure for entrance into the VA Health Care System and services they provide. Offer to contact schools and other organizations about the Essay Contest.


Visit schools to give basic facts regarding our flag, national anthem and when we stand and put our hands over our hearts at parades and ball games. Contestants must give their prepared oration and the assigned topic discourse to receive the scholarship monies to which they are entitled.

Class 1- Grade level: Be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette and proper disposal methods; and promote the observation of patriotic holidays so your community will look to the ALA for information.

Provide American flags to your local schools for classrooms.

Rules and Regulations

Teach proper handling, displaying, and respect for the American Flag, as well as our National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. A chaperone over 21 years of age must accompany each contestant.

As the contestants conclude their prepared orations, they must return to a soundproof waiting room. Contact the essay winner and their parents. This course is suggested for any member interested in becoming a bar or canteen chairman at their Post home and for those interested in learning the proper protocol for having Games of Chance at your Post Homes 2.Printable Essay Contest Rules and Form AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest for students in gradesincluding students with special needs.

Arrangements for contests leading up to the department finals shall be the responsibility of each American Legion department. For competition prior to the department finals, the contest rules and regulations are not mandatory; they are offered as guidelines.

Participate in the promotion of American Legion Americanism programs. IDEAS: Member. Support American Legion Baseball. Help, work, donate or find donors. Support the Oratorical Contest. Recruit candidates, help prepare to host a contest, be a judge, and provide refreshments or transportation.

American Legion Auxiliary; Sons of The American Legion; American Legion Riders; Programs. Family and Youth.

Rules and Regulations. must be bona fide students herein described as any student under the age of 20 years on the date of the national contest who is presently enrolled in a high school or junior high school (public. For the American Essay Contest rules and other information please click here.

If your school does not have a sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary, please contact the Department office at () or [email protected] or. The American Legion Department of Illinois, American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion are cosponsors of this AMERICANISM ESSAY CONTEST.

It's purpose is to aid the schools of Illinois in the teaching of .

American legion auxiliary americanism essay contest rules
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