A review of the musical the witch of wall street

Needless to say, between helping her grandfather and father in their respective business dealings, Hetty was receiving a first class education in the world of business.

Sylvia was not a pretty girl; she wore cast off clothes and made few friends. She had converted late in life to his Episcopalian faith so that she could be interred with him.

Green would buy up small but essential railroads and charge a high price for selling them to consolidators like Huntington. Her husband went the other way and primarily speculated, not afraid to borrow money to up his potential gain in his high risk investing. But after separating from her husband, she added in a slew of eccentricities, and the public ate it up.

No other kind of life would please me. Together they sought popularity and acceptance, spending money in a grand fashion to accomplish it.

Hetty Green fascinated the press with her plain dress, her unpretentious homes in Brooklyn and her willingness to travel alone for thousands of miles when few women dared to go anywhere unescorted.

Possibly because of the stiff competition of the mostly male business environment and partly because of her usually dour dress due mainly to frugality, but perhaps in part related to her Quaker upbringingshe was given the nickname "the Witch of Wall Street".

She believed that this, combined with taking confusing and varied routes to work at an office provided free by her bank, of course also kept kidnappers and robbers at bay. Henry used this phrase in his s story "The Skylight Room" when a young woman, negotiating the rent on a room in a rooming house owned by an imperious old lady, wishes to make it clear she is neither as rich as she appears nor as naive.

She wore safe deposit keys to various banks on a chain around her waist at all times, and slept with a revolver rigged to her hand with strings when staying in a strange motel. She carried a case with her with a pitiful lunch tossed inside, usually graham crackers or dry oatmeal.

I am a Quaker, and I am trying to live up to the tenets of that faith. Edward Robinson, a Quakeralso taught her the value of plain living. By 13 years old, she took over management of the family bookkeeping, which was no small thing considering the many business deals her father was involved in.

She then called all the notes. She also demanded land leases and solid assets as collateral for many of her loans. After the collapse of the financial house John J. Beyond not liking to spring for medical care, she also reportedly completely neglected personal hygiene, and rarely washed or changed her clothes.

As a young girl Hetty read the financial news to her weak-eyed father, who was astute enough to get out of whaling before the industry collapsed.

The Peculiar Story of the Witch of Wall Street

Once the statute of limitations was up on her former legal problems, the Greens moved back to the United States in Building Billions Hetty was born into a wealthy whaling family in She bought up bonds and real estate at severe discounts in every financial panic. Sylvia had married a man who agreed to forgo her money.

At the age of 16, she enrolled at the Eliza Wing School where she remained until the age of Ultimately, the leg became gangrenes and it had to be amputated.

Hetty Green: The Witch Of Wall Street

When her cousins tried to have her indicted for forgery based on the Robinson v. After 20 years of suffering a hernia, she finally allowed Dr. He married his first lover, a prostitute named Mabel whom his mother had hated. During these readings, her grandfather also discussed what she was reading with her.Jun 03,  · Money Talks From the musical "The Witch of Wall Street" Music by Elliot Weiss Lyrics by Michael Champagne Performed by Alix Korey.

‘The Witch’ Review: A Seriously Scary Debut The Wall Street Journal. Biography Joe “The Witch” may sound like a generic horror flick that’s opening too late or too early for.

Hetty Green

The Witch of Wall Street It was an odd match: Green was a wealthy silk and tea merchant who’d lived in the Philippines for 20 years. And he liked to live large.

'Witch of Wall Street' A favorite target of the press, Hetty Green was reportedly a woman with many odd quirks and penny-pinching ways. While she clearly lived quite frugally, it is hard to Born: Nov 21, The “Witch of Wall Street” July 14, Daven Hiskey 3 comments Long before the likes of Warren Buffet, Hetty Green dominated Wall Street through extremely shrewd investing, frugality, and exploiting the lax investment rules of her age, managing to amass one of the greatest fortunes in history.

The facts are better than the fiction. She opened doors for women on Wall Street when women couldn't control their own money, own land or railroads, or speak in public!

A female, financial genius ahead of her time, Hetty got bad reviews from male newspaper reporters.5/5(1).

A review of the musical the witch of wall street
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